The Revival of Hair-on-Hair Bonding: A Step Backwards?

In the ever-evolving world of hair restoration, techniques and technologies are constantly being refined to provide the most natural and durable solutions for those struggling with hair loss.

The Hidden Costs of Salons Going Direct to Hair Manufacturers: A Cautionary Tale

In recent years, more salons have opted to bypass traditional domestic vendors and go directly to hair manufacturers. While this approach may seem appealing at first glance, promising lower costs and a direct line to the source, the reality is far more complex. For salons considering this route, there are significant drawbacks to be mindful of, ranging from issues with returns and defects to customer service challenges, language barriers, and exorbitant shipping costs.

Transforming Your Salon or Booth Rental into a Luxurious Experience for Your Guests: Tips from The Hair Society

Creating a luxurious experience for your guests in your salon [...]

Owning and operating a salon: The challenges and the rewards

Owning a hair salon or a hair replacement business in [...]

Navigating Tax Season: A Comprehensive Guide for Hair Salons

As tax season approaches, hair salon owners find themselves grappling with various complexities when it comes to filing taxes. Whether you're managing employees, chair renters, or you're the sole proprietor, understanding tax obligations and opportunities is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore essential considerations for hair salon businesses, including tax incentives, deductions, and potential red flags to avoid.

The Evolution of Tipping in the Hair Industry: A Comparative Analysis of Stylists versus Owners

In recent years, the culture of tipping within the [...]

The Hair Society goes One on One with Vanessa Ranoni

This is a unique interview from my point of view. This is about not only a highly skilled facility that offers many hair loss solutions to the public but about someone who truly gives meaning to the expression “Pay it forward”.

By |2024-02-12T20:45:18+06:00December 21, 2015|Business, Business Behavior, Hair, One on One, Salon Talk|

The Hair Society goes “One on One” with Danielle Marzella of Transitions Hair Solutions

Danielle is a success story in a world where maintaining a business of any kind can be a challenge yet she has managed to not only stay in business but to expand and grow. How is that possible in these tough economic times? After our interview with Danielle the answer becomes clear, as you shall see.

By |2024-02-10T22:43:57+06:00September 16, 2015|Business, Business Behavior, One on One|

The Hair Society goes “One on One” with Michael Napolitano, CEO of HAIRUWEAR

If everyone who operated a business believed as Michael Napolitano of HAIRUWEAR does when it comes to running a successful business, there would be no failures.

By |2024-02-10T22:17:15+06:00August 18, 2015|Business, Business Behavior, Featured, One on One|


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