The Revival of Hair-on-Hair Bonding: A Step Backwards?

In the ever-evolving world of hair restoration, techniques and technologies are constantly being refined to provide the most natural and durable solutions for those struggling with hair loss.

The Hidden Costs of Salons Going Direct to Hair Manufacturers: A Cautionary Tale

In recent years, more salons have opted to bypass traditional domestic vendors and go directly to hair manufacturers. While this approach may seem appealing at first glance, promising lower costs and a direct line to the source, the reality is far more complex. For salons considering this route, there are significant drawbacks to be mindful of, ranging from issues with returns and defects to customer service challenges, language barriers, and exorbitant shipping costs.

Transforming Your Salon or Booth Rental into a Luxurious Experience for Your Guests: Tips from The Hair Society

Creating a luxurious experience for your guests in your salon [...]

Owning and operating a salon: The challenges and the rewards

Owning a hair salon or a hair replacement business in [...]

The Hair Society: Revolutionizing the Hair Industry through Leadership and Outreach

In the ever-evolving world of hair, staying informed, [...]

Weathering the Storm: Navigating the Hair Industry Amidst Challenges

The hair industry, like many others, has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years, particularly during the tumultuous era of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we emerge from the shadows of uncertainty, it is vital to shed light on the current state of the industry, addressing the struggles faced by salon owners and professionals alike. From the soaring costs of goods and supplies to the impact of high inflation, this post explores the importance of customer support, expertise, unique solutions, loyalty programs, and value-driven offerings to sustain and thrive in these testing times.

Moving Into 2022, featuring Amber Fargo

Amber Fargo is a Hairstylist located in Michigan. Nine years ago, she made a career change in the hair industry and fell in love with its creative nature.

Moving Into 2022 featuring DeAnna Graham

DeAnna Graham is a Hair Designer at Studio 509 and is a Jack Winn Color Associate out of Fredrick, Maryland. She has been working in the hair industry for 25 years and has experience working in various salon settings. The Hair Society reached out to her for her outlook on 2022 possibilities.

Breaking the Taboo – featuring hair influencer Amber Perkins

Amber Perkins is a mother of five who loves helping others through her social media platforms. Amber is an inspiring hair-wearing advocate who spreads awareness about hair options to those struggling with hair loss or just wanting to switch up their look.


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