New Year, New You, A Simple Solution to Hair Loss

Losing your hair at any age can be highly traumatic and affect your self-confidence. It is so important to feel comfortable in your skin to be your best self. Many people will try so many different things to bring their hair back after losing it, but sometimes, the only option is, is a hair transplant procedure.

Male Facial Hair Thinning

Beards have always been a popular way for men to express themselves, and many men take pride in taking care of their facial hair and growing it out. Many men like to grow a beard and hope to keep it for many years to come, but that is not always the case.

The Presidential Inauguration, 2021

While most people were focused on security, Covid, and the politics of the new administration, your intrepid reporter was looking at the inauguration from another perspective...the top.

Hair Loss? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hair, like your skin and nails, undergoes a continuous cycle of growth and rest as you age. It is completely normal to lose up to 100 hairs each and every day, but anything more than that can be cause for concern.

Japanese research could put an end to unwanted baldness

In a breakthrough that blows previous efforts out of the water, new research could soon put an end to unwanted baldness.


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