Masks Are Back: Is Your Salon Next?

Regardless of your stance on masks or vaccines, here is what salon owners need to know. With the covid-19 vaccine available to the public, many cities lifted their mandatory mask policies months ago. As a result, many cities are no longer required to wear a mask during familiar summer activities such as vacationing, wedding celebrations, and taking the kids to get "back to school" haircuts.

MONAT – What is it?

Monat is an American marketing company, based in Doral, Florida, who sells hair care products, and skincare products and it was founded in 2014.

Shampoo Ingredients: Why Do The Ingredients In Your Wash Routine Matter?

Why do the ingredients matter? Washing your hair exposes the scalp and follicle to chemical change and potentially damaging additives. You must understand what you’re putting on your head to reap the benefits. Routine washing will remove any dirt and excess oils you’ve accumulated throughout the day. But you could be making matters worse by using the wrong shampoo.

Hair and Scalp Wellness

As a hair stylist, it is extremely important to know as much as you possibly can about hair, and the scalp. The health of your hair is directly correlated to the health of your scalp, it is literally the root of it, pun intended.

Maintaining The Health Of Your Scalp and Hair: Shampoo

Shampoo functions to clean the hair and scalp with chemicals called surfactants. Surfactants are a substance which serves to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved. So shampoo is a soap that removes surface debris from the scalp and hair. 

The Importance of Taking Care of the Scalp

We all know that taking care of your hair is extremely important to keep it strong, healthy, and growing, but it is also just as important to take care of your scalp as well. Your scalp may be hidden under your hair, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be taken care of properly. 

The New Normal

The hair restoration and hair industry have been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus. After being considered a non-essential business by the powers that be, we have been mostly inoperative since mid-March/early April. Clients, on the other hand, are clamoring to get back in as soon as possible. Many are willing to adapt to whatever adjustments need to be made in order to get an appointment. Salon owners, stylists, and technicians have mixed feelings ranging from excited to scared and optimistic to apprehensive, and everything in between. It would be understandable to have any of these emotions as the prospect of re-opening looms in front of everyone.

How To Keep Your Clients Safe

As most of us know, the COVID-19 virus spreads most frequently from person-to-person, among close contacts that are within approximately six feet away. Transmission mostly occurs via respiratory droplets. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), best practices to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 or any other virus is by repeatedly practicing the thorough cleaning of all surfaces followed by disinfection. For clarification purposes, let’s all get on the same page when it comes to common terms we use…


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