Does your head of hair need a boost? Your scalp health could be screaming for extra t.l.c. Serums and scalp treatments are two buzzwords in today’s hair industry. How do they work? And why should we invest in these haircare solutions?


Hair SerumHair serums are flooding shelves and online catalogs everywhere. These products are promoted as a leave-in scalp supplement. They are often used for heat-styling, frizz control, and additional shine. Often hair serums contain a silicone-based ingredient or oil necessary to spread the product along the hair strands evenly. Sadly, oil and silicone products are not one-size-fits-all. This product is not rinsed out, and the amount used is typically only a few drops spread among the hair strands. Yet, when any amount of an oily substance is applied, its time on the scalp should be limited to some degree. It is crucial to pair a serum with a proper wash routine and products. Select an option that suits the hair objectives and is tailored to the individual’s scalp. Choosing the wrong serum or applying too much can waste time and resources. Or, even worse, it can create new scalp concerns!

Some serums are gentle enough for daily applications, but others may only need to be applied sparingly over several weeks. Before adding a serum to your routine, contact a trichologist. A hair professional can guide you in the right direction. A trained specialist can identify concerns and help decide if the scalp will truly benefit from this haircare option.

Scalp Treatments

Scalp treatmentsScalp treatments are unique in their application. Once applied, the product remains on the scalp for extended periods. The average time length of treatment is 30-90 minutes. The scalp treatment concludes with a thorough rinse.

The internet boasts of DIY “scalp treatments,” but treating specific scalp ailments should always take place in a salon. It ensures maximum benefits and alleviates the risks of worsening problem areas. There are many variations of scalp treatments. Whether the problem is dryness, excessive oil production, cancer treatment recovery, postpartum hair thinning, male pattern balding, or chemical damage, hair restoration options are available. A certified trichologist can select appropriate care and apply a custom formula. Symptom relief should be monitored to assess the frequency of applications.

The Total Haircare Package

Hair serums and scalp treatments directly penetrate the strands. While this alleviates concerns on the surface, there are other areas of improvement you must also target, such as wash routines, styling methods, and vitamin intake. Before committing to various brands and bottles, consider putting your trust in one.

Capilia Capilia Trichology Pro + products offer proven methods and specially formulated products to meet various hair and scalp needs. Certified trichologists use Capilia products to prevent, control, and reverse hair loss and other scalp ailments. These products work in synergy with each other. With trained hands, clients can receive customized, professional-grade haircare from wash to styling.

What makes Capilia special? This company provides advanced education and effective treatments. Capilia trichology products have been tested and perfected for over four decades. Products are developed with 100% natural ingredients and no sulfates, parabens, or silicone. Each formula is proven to show results with specific hair loss and scalp ailments in mind.

Each Capilia scalp treatment is created through hand-selected mixtures of serums and emulsions. Each application method varies, but heat is often used to optimize the absorption of the conditioning treatment. Applying heat opens the hair cuticle and scalp pores allowing the nutrients to penetrate deeply below the surface. Now your serum and scalp ingredients can maximize their effectiveness.

Capilia offers hair ritual products you can apply at home, as well as advanced scalp care products you can utilize in the salon. Capilia serums and scalp treatments are potent therapies. While serums can be applied at home, a scalp treatment should be utilized in the salon. Both can boost the overall health of the scalp and hair shaft with powerful nutrients. Selecting the appropriate product should always be a discussion with a hair professional. Consult a Capilia representative for vitamin-rich serums, scalp treatments, and hair restoration solutions.