“Join us to succeed!” And that’s why we are here. Our mission is to give you the tools for professional and commercial success in the marketplace of today and tomorrow.

You can’t do it alone! – The personal care market is changing more rapidly today than at any time in its history. Hair replacement and restoration solutions are not only becoming more complex, but they are also increasingly interrelated. Cross-marketing is now the norm. Your customers expect you to know about medical, cosmetic and technical solutions and they are looking for information using new search tools that require a different kind of skill set. Unless you are a large company and able to employ several specialists, you will need to join a marketing group or pool resources in order to compete on a level playing field.

We have the experts you need – The Hair Society has assembled a team of industry experts to help you succeed in this changing environment. These are people you know and trust and who are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Many of them have run, or are still running, businesses just like yours.

We’re also a network – The Society is more than a panel of experts. It is a network of hair management specialists who share their insights and resources. With a rapidly aging population and an increasing preoccupation with looking young and healthy, there is a huge business opportunity for everyone if we all pull together.

The Hair Society


Worlds Most Complete Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration Business Directory – The Society provides high-level information as it happens. Members will have free access to articles and commentary that will not be available in other forms.

Breaking news and information – The Hair Society provides high-level information as it happens. Members will have free access to articles and commentary that will not be available in other forms.

Online Update News – members will receive an online and up to date news and information, announcing new products before they become public knowledge. You will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Online webinars – industry experts will host online webinars to present new techniques and products and answer your questions.

Consulting services – if your clinic or studio wishes to set up a special promotion or is contemplating a new product, you can consult one of our experts for a second opinion or even engage them as a management consultant to facilitate the transition.

Lead generation – your consumers are better educated than ever before and they looking for professionals with superior skills. Our new online directory will showcase your skills and qualifications and let the public know that you attend industry conferences and invest in continuing education.

Trade-shows and workshops – the hair industry is already well served by distributor conferences, so to that end, we will make sure that we keep you up to date on industry events and conferences via our events calendar.

Web marketing and Social Media Management – the society is privileged to have partnered with an internationally recognized interactive marketing agency. Having access to those skills will help every society member become more successful in the digital world.

The Hair Society is a full-service professional organization dedicated to supporting hair professionals in every part of their business lives. We offer information, education and networking services. We bring together professionals from all parts of the industry to seek new relationships and cross-marketing opportunities. The Hair Society is driven by the suggestions and needs of its members and will add and refine its services based on their input. We invite you to become part of it.


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