In our last posting, we discussed the origins of Hair Visions International’s My Hair My Way campaign. With online competition, the baby boomer exodus, a lack of trust among young people, and new brands of questionable worth appearing all the time, the industry has been in desperate need of new messaging.

That’s why we developed our initial My Hair My Way campaign. It was an outreach to a vast market – the market that is responding to all those new products and online come-ons – to explain to them that you can get hands-on service and quality product only when you come to people who evaluate your situation on a personalized basis.

Now we’ve taken that messaging further, with the Give Your Hair a Future campaign. Once again, this is not about a specific product, and it’s nothing like the old-fashioned campaigns that younger people are resisting.

What do we know about reaching millennials?

  • 84% of them don’t trust traditional advertising. They like authenticity. That’s why we’re moving away from the old “I can ride my jet ski!” approach and toward a sincere message about addressing your particular concerns
  • Similarly, they also want something that’s created specifically for them – and isn’t that what our industry is all about?
  • They are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or networking sites. So we’ve designed Give Your Hair a Future to be used all across social media. That gives it the opportunity to be shared and commented on, even by your current clients. If a real customer endorses something, that counts for a lot more than anything you can say about it
  • They’re also 44% more likely to trust an expert – which is why the major appeal of our new campaign is about expertise. After all, what do you offer that no one else can imitate? Not product. They can find plenty of that online. But what they can’t get is someone to sort out all the claims, and analyze their unique condition, so they know which of the 2,875,439 search engine hits will really serve their purposes
  • A related category is what’s called “content marketing.” This isn’t about “We’re the best! Buy our product now!” It’s about the category as a whole. Answering questions they have, laying out choices, explaining the why rather than just the what of a product or service. For instance, we include the astonishing fact that you can lose up to 45% of your hair before you even notice it! That will drive some business to you
  • Finally, young people like to be connected to something bigger – a cause that helps others. As a contributor to Children With Hair Loss and Trim Hunger (created by world-famous stylist Josif Wittnik), we help them connect to those

GIVE YOUR HAIR A Future is a solution based marketing campaign targeting men and women who are in the early stages of hair loss.

All that said, what’s the evidence that we will be able to attract the Internet surfers or bring in more customers to replace the retiring baby boomers?  Answer: the sheer size of the potential marketplace! Consider that 40% of women and 70% of men will experience moderate to severe hair loss before the age of 40. Even if we capture a small portion of that market, it still amounts to millions of new clients! Millions of people who are experiencing some phase of hair loss, and millions more

But you have to get on board in order to benefit from this enormous opportunity. And that means you have to do your own homework. What technologies are you using? Do you know how to assess someone’s hair loss? Can you clea­­­rly explain the difference between what you offer and the many other products popping up online?

The long-term benefit of this is that, once you establish yourself as someone who really knows the facts, you’ll not only get more clients, but you’ll get better word of mouth – the best advertising of all.

Give Your Hair a Future. It’s a promise that is irresistible to most people – whether they’ve already lost hair or are just wondering how to maintain a healthy scalp and head of hair. If you can deliver on that – you’ll give your business a future!