Are you proud of the Hair Restoration Industry? Are your fellow professionals helpful and generous with their time and knowledge? Do you feel welcome if you are a newcomer? Have you ever asked for a favor or advice from a fellow Hair Restoration  Professional? How did that work out for you?

It has become a known fact that some Hair Restoration Professionals obsess over competition and do everything in their power to prevent other related businesses from succeeding. What would you think if one of your potential clients walked into another Hair Restoration business and were told that you were wrong about everything you told this customer about the treatments you offer. What if they told that customer that you had no idea what you were doing and that the products and hair systems and treatments that you use are not the best and that you were not as skilled as you had made yourself out to be.

What does that do to the customer’s confidence in your industry? Do you think it encourages him or her to do business in an Industry that engages in bad-mouthing other professionals? What you wind up with is a confused client who has lost faith in the entire process and the people who work in the field.

Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss for one reason or another and despite the recent economic shortfalls there is plenty of business to go around. The larger the industry becomes the more credibility it acquires and the more confidence it instills in the general public. More training is available and newer and better treatments are available through research that more individuals want to make their life’s work.

If there is no trust and people who want to join the industry are shunned and ostracized what does that say about the Industry as a whole? Sounds petty to me…sounds mean-spirited and childish. Competition is a healthy thing and encouraging it is good for the business and the public who require the services of Hair Restoration professionals.

If you treat each other with distain and pettiness how does that reflect on you in the eyes of your potential clients? This seems to be an Industry problem that gets worse every year and the only way to solve it is for people to remember that helping one another will bring far more rewards than hindering your competitors. There is much knowledge to be gleaned from the wonderful and talented professionals who work in the Hair Restoration field and there is no excuse for shunning, threatening or freezing out those who have the same goals that you do……to improve the lives of people who live with hair loss and to grow your business in the most positive and professional way.