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Vincent & Flora Pizzolatto first launched the Hairdressers Advice Facebook page less than one year ago. Facebook officials noted that it became the fastest growing, biggest and most interactive Facebook community page internationally – inclusive of North America, Europe and Asia. With that success on Facebook, they have just launched their new Hairdressers Advice website as an exciting salon industry Internet forum to share ideas, educational tips, techniques and inspirations. will remain exclusive and private for the participating members. Bush notes, “It is also the most copied web page. It is also free of other industry influencers except hairdressers.”  Vince Pizzolatto notes, “The new website will be extremely informative with a platform for salon professionals to learn and share from each other. Like the recent Method Alliance Hair Icons education show we participated in, all of the very best tips and step-by-step creative techniques with salon business advice will be available online at the touch of a button. This website will be a private area as a designated professional community to confer with other top salon owners, educators, peers and cosmetology schools. You will be able to ask questions about anything from haircutting or haircolor technique to a staff challenge in the Chat Room. From haircuts, haircolor, Balyage to hair weaves, retexturizing and hair extensions, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn what you want with illustrated educational presentations as well as videos. You will be able to submit

Hairdressers Advice On Facebook: Hairdressers Advice was first launched on Facebook and rapidly grew to almost 70,000 followers.  If you haven’t liked and visited this page for daily technical tips and inspirational announcements, it is now time to do so. Facebook is an open virtual forum and not private, like the new website. Vince adds, “Alan Benfield Bush has been very instrumental to us. With his help, we maintain a strong Facebook presence with three Hair Dressers Advice pages for future hairdressers, working hairdressers and salon owners, providing ongoing support and education while sharing with the Method Alliance group.

 Hairdressers Advice Membership: For a very affordable fee, you can subscribe for 6 months or receive an annual membership with a special discount. You will immediately begin to take advantage of all the educational resources, the Community Page and the live Chat Room. Any licensed salon professional will be able to log-in by first sharing their license numbers. No salon clients, consumers or manufacturers will have access to this private new website without a cosmetology license. Vince Pizzolatto adds, “We know Hairdressers Advice will begin to dramatically change salon education as we know it today!” Product companies that only sell through salons will have access. Companies that do not sell exclusively through salons and professional hair designers will not have access. You will be ensured of top quality generic and unbiased educational standards. There will be room for salon consultants, educators, manufacturers and others to purchase website banners with direct links back to you and your available resources. The Hairdressers Advice Team will screen every member.

Teamwork With Method Alliance: Hairdressers Advice is closely linked to Alan Benfield Bush and Method Alliance as well as to all of their independent Hair Icons who offer generic education for salon professionals and owners. Vince adds, “The Method is terrific for haircutting techniques as well as salon business operations strategies. Everyone uses The Method, whether they know it or not. Alan Benfield Bush translates everything verbally, so you can easily understand what you are doing for each client with haircuts, haircolor and your business operations. Alan Benfield Bush is a true visionary and we plan to share his vision on Hairdressers Advice! He clearly understands where we were as hairdressers and salon owners and where we need to be today. He always remains available to seriously and sincerely help salon professionals succeed. He cares!  Alan Benfield Bush is our mentor – totally!  He really takes a personal interest in what you are developing and at any level, whether you are a hairdresser, salon owner, manufacturer or distributor. He will help you think about and analyze what you are currently doing and will help you become even more successful in the future.”

 Partnership With Method Alliance: The Method Alliance has quickly gained respectability from top salon owners and hair design engineers. Launched by Alan Benfield Bush, The Method team actively provides valuable hair artistry and generic business education for hair design engineers, salon owners, distributors and manufacturers. This innovative non-branded and 100% generic approach is quickly being embraced by manufacturers, distributors, salon owners and hair design professionals. For more information about Method Alliance regional educational seminars, manufacturer, distributor and special educational events, contact Alan Benfield Bush at 707-217-2700, email [email protected] or visit

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