Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020It’s safe to say that we are all beyond ready to finish 2020. This year has brought new challenges and overwhelming changes. Soon, we will all close the door on 2020 and welcome the new year of 2021. What does that mean for your hair business? What does that mean for our industry?

As a stylist or business owner, we have all been a part of a significant shift in what is considered “normal”. Our daily routines felt rigid and unfamiliar in 2020, but now we have stepped up to the challenge of change. Our new normal doesn’t feel so “new” anymore. We must remember that we made it! You and your team have rolled up your sleeves and faced the unfamiliar head-on. It was not easy to get to this point, but we cannot close the door on 2020 without remembering we entered new territory and came out on the other side.

Yesterday’s complaints and the unforetold future has played out is beginning to settle. It is time to find the strength within our teams to rebuild. Regardless of your current status, there have been at least one or two assets within your company that have helped you succeed. Set time aside to identify those positive qualities that gave you an edge over failure. Those assets may have been your team, salon location, clients, network, etc. You may find your team has more than one or two strong suits!

Never Stop GrowingWhen you identify what has benefited your company, it is crucial to show your gratitude and plant more seeds. How can you provide growth in those areas? Or how are you highlighting those strengths, so they are visible to others? If you can give thanks to those assets and encourage more production, you will grow more successful!

For example, let’s say your salon’s assets this year were diligent budgeting and loyal clients. How will you take those two assets into the new year? Perhaps you used a structured system that responsibly stored and purchased inventory. In return, you ended up sticking with your budget versus overspending on items that were not necessary. What about those returning clients? Have you shown your appreciation? Is there a way to show your gratitude through loyalty discounts or a rewards program? If you transparently give back to your returning clients, it encourages other clients to mimic this loyal behavior and invites new clients to join in!

Now that you have identified your strengths, you must also address the liabilities or the things that did not work this past year. You may have more than a handful of unsuccessful ideas but focus on one or two significant impacts. Setbacks might include lack of resources, scheduling conflicts, unreliable staff or clients, poor shop location, poor attitudes, etc. Recognize and reconcile those losses. What caused them, and why didn’t they show a profit both monetarily and not? There are times we cannot resolve these issues due to other restrictions on our businesses. Other times, all you need is a new approach to achieving a similar goal.

Hello 2021Our end of the year goals should start with these steps. Highlight the good and put to close the bad! Although COVID-19 isn’t vanishing with the  vaccinations over night, we must remember how resilient we have been so far. A new beginning is upon us! We have learned new methods of tackling the pandemic, and we must continue to hold each other up. Let go of the past struggles and uncertainties with a problem-solving mindset. We must all hold on to this now familiar fighting spirit that pushed us through 2020. Close the door on 2020, for 2021 brings new opportunities to prosper.

Editors Note:

“From all of us here at The Hair Society to all of you across the globe, may you have a safe and prosperous New Year!  Stay Safe, and we look forward to what 2021 brings with it.”

Contributing Editor
MaKayla Bartels
The Hair Society
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