business tips
Running a business is never easy and you have to be on top of your game at all times. Turn your head away for a few minutes and things can go to pot. Ignore the competition and poof…you are in trouble. Is your overhead bigger than your profit, if so, this is the end my friend!

Here are a few ideas for managing a hair salon that help you to thrive.

Keep up on current hairstyle trends in your area. What are the current styles and colors? Look around the neighborhood and surrounding areas to see how your potential customers are wearing their hair. Check out magazines and current celebrity styles.

Does your customer come back to your shop after you’ve done their hair? What does their body language tell you? Are they happy or unhappy? Do they seem secure with what they look like after they’ve been styled in your shop? Will you offer to fix a perceived problem if they ask? Repeat business is EVERYTHING in your business and so is word of mouth.

Is your pricing reasonable and competitive? Do you offer specials on both hair styling, cutting, coloring and products sold in your salon?

Are your employees skilled and up to date? Do they offer variety to your clients? Does everyone look the same when they leave? Do you offer enough services?

Have you and your employees wear dark colors to work. For some reason wearing black makes the client more comfortable and makes you look more professional. Sounds silly, but it works according to recent focus groups.

Is your shop clean and neat? No one wants to sit in a dirty space and no one wants to think that they may be leaving with surprises that they didn’t bargain for (think of bugs or greasy equipment, hair on the floor that doesn’t belong to them). Is your shop decorated in a pleasant manner and easy on the eye? Is it comfortable for the client? Neutral colors are always recommended for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. This may be the one trip outside of the home for some clients so why not make it a memorable one that they want to repeat.

Watch your bottom line….don’t continue to carry products that don’t sell and waste shelf space with products that are losers. Put your best selling products in plain sight and make sure that all employees sell, sell, sell. Don’t spend more time in the office than you do on the floor. Your expertise and watchful eye can contribute to a lower over-head and less slacking off by other employees. Keep your eye on your business and your employees without being intrusive and NEVER scold an employee in front of clients.

Also, don’t argue with clients no matter how unpleasant they may be. There is a right way and a wrong way to talk to people so learn the way that brings people back to your shop because they were made to feel important and special and that they were listened too. The customer may not always be right and they may not always know what looks the best on them so be prepared to guide them to a flattering style that they will want to keep and tell their friends about. Don’t over-book so that clients either have to wait too long or get bumped. Don’t make them feel rushed.

If the answer to most of these suggestions is “Yes, this is how I run my salon” than you are on the right track to being successful.