Set of barbers hair cutting scissors.Shears are one of the most important tools that a Hair Technician will ever use. Many stylists spend a fortune on shears and there are varying opinions on which shears are the best. The most important thing to know is getting ands using the right shears for the job.

Get the Right Size for the Job!

There is a difference between barber’s shears and regular haircutting shears. Different techniques are used so different sized shears are necessary.

Barbering shears generally have longer blades because they are used for cutting “shears over comb” and the blades need to be long enough to be aligned with the side of a barber comb. “Regular” haircutting shears are generally used to cut the hair in small increments as it is combed and held with the fingers. Because of this, the blades are generally in more even proportion to the handle-portion of the shear.

You will find variations in size and a good fit is important to do the job well. Haircutting shears are labeled with a size in half-inch increments and range from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches.

The finger holes on the gripping end should allow your fingers to slide in and out easily to prevent sore spots from prolonged use. You also want to maintain proper control so as not to drop the shears.

Haircutting scissors must be sharp and should be sharpened as needed, by a professional to assure a proper haircut.