Method Alliance Transforming Education
We would appreciate your consideration to schedule an interview meeting at Cosmoprof 2016 in Las Vegas with Alan Benfield Bush, the founder of Method Alliance. These interview meetings can take place at your booth or in the Cosmoprof Press Room. If desired, we can also set up telephone interviews. We have a complete Method Alliance Media Kit with Biographies, Business Story and professional photographs.

Here are some of the exciting new salon industry plans and opportunities for your readers and website visitors:

  • Method Alliance: Alan Benfield Bush is spearheading a paradigm shift for all hairdressers in the salon industry. With Method Alliance, he is ‘Transforming Education with Technical Haircutting & Business Applications’. Visit
  • The New ~ Method Alliance Hair Icons Team: Led by Alan Benfield Bush with Allan Ngo, Chad Clark, Angel del Solar, J Christian Gallagher, Alexander Baron, Yanni Daskalakis, Hector Rodriguez, Vince and Flora Pizzolato – the Hair Icons Team has recently received prestigious new awards to recognize their talents. The Method Hair Icons Team provides valuable hair artistry and generic business education for hair design engineers, salon owners, distributors and manufacturers. This is an innovative non-branded and 100% generic approach.
  • The June 2015 launch of this professional new website where salon professionals now share education, tips, advice, techniques and photographs while also talking live to other hair designers in their Chat Rooms for instant feedback. Their Facebook page already has 70,000 participants from across the globe.
  • The Method = The Universal Language Of Hair: Alan Benfield Bush is most famous for inventing a revolutionary different and trademarked system of haircutting called “The Method.” This system has become a universally accepted language tool.
  • Volumetrics, Geometrics & Trimetrics: Bush has taught hair design within an architectural art form. He has mentored The Method techniques to millions of hairstylists around the world.
  • New Hair Icons Trend Collection: To be released soon with great haircuts & haircolor trends.
  • Condensed Haircutting, Perm, Colour & Setting Techniques
  • New Cutoloring Techniques & Events
  • Future ~ Method Alliance Hair Icons Events: The generic Method Alliance educational programs are a very positive new approach for the professional beauty industry. These events help build a hairdresser’s expertise for their favorite products without external bias or influence. These events are not an insult to any product brands, yet they help all professional brands.

Method Alliance ~ Transforming Education
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