Size Does NOT Always Matter!

Whether you have a small area to house your Salon and/or Hair Restoration Services Studio or a large one; the true success of your business depends on the professional services you offer and the skill and trust worthiness of you and your employees.

If you provide a comfortable, clean and private space for your clients to undergo the treatments and services that you offer you will satisfy their needs and accomplish your goals.
Does Size Matter
One of the worst things for a potential client to see upon entering your business is a cluttered, messy space where people are falling over one another. This is not conducive to making the client feel comfortable or secure. The key is to use your space wisely.

The average Hair Salon is 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. Some business that include hair restoration treatments such as scalp evaluations and treatments, laser treatments and hair systems requir might require more space or at the very least a clear division of service areas (Beauty and Asethetic services versus Hair Restoration treatments).

You can include all of the above in an average sized building if you avoid clutter. If you can afford to provide a larger space than you can easily separate the various services and treatments without crowding.

The bottom line is that it’s not the size of your building that matters but how you arrange it. A place to showcase Products is essential, booths for various treatments should give the illusion of privacy even if they are close to one another. Rooms for specific hair restoration treatments that require privacy should be mapped out and no client should ever feel as if they are on public display. Some clients receiving treatments for hair replacement are very sensitive and even trying on different hair systems may require a certain amount of privacy.

Give your clients what they need no matter what size your specific space may be and they will feel comfortable in your establishment. No one wants to trip over plants, magazine racks or other people! Everyone wants to feel as if they are being catered too and that you are focusing solely on them and their specific needs.

Neat , clean and private always surpasses messy and crowded. Use your allotted space wisely and always keep the customer’s needs in mind. Showcase your services and products while maintaining high standards of organizational skills.

Size doesn’t matter but organization does!