There are many different types of wigs and hair systems in today’s market. There are shapes, sizes and materials to suit every need. With the quality available the sky is the limit. The following are some terms that describe various hair systems and what they are made of. Remember…as with everything else in life, “You get what you pay for”! And, you need a professional who knows their wigs!


  • Wig: Different product to replace hair
  • Machine-Made Wigs: Wigs made from wefts of hair sewn by a machine
  • Hairpiece: Worn in place of growing hair. Partial or add-ons used to create volume or length to existing hair.
  • Custom Wig: Made to your particular specifications. Manufacturers will use fiber, caps and styles to suit your needs.
  • Cranial Prosthesis: This can be removed each day and is secured with a special kind of tape. Do not require bonding material.
  • Cap: Base material that gives wig shape and base to attach to hair.
  • C3 Construction: Utilizes 3 C’s: cool (lets scalp breathe) Comfortable (use softer, lighter materials) Capless (Extremely lightweight)
  • Standard Cap: Most common and affordable cap design. Gives hair natural looking lift but can be a little heavier and warmer and less comfortable than a monofilament top.
  • Capless Wig: Similar to standard cap type but doesn’t have closed lace laqyer. Allows for good ventilation and you can pull your own hair through. Very light weight.
  • Chemo Cap: Attached to elastic that fits securely and worn by those with sensitive scalps or who want a lighter feel while wearing a scarf or cap.
  • Adjustable Cap: Has adjustable tabs that extend from crown to nape of wig cap. Can be adjusted to small or larger size.
  • Memory Cap: Replaces wide stretch lace used in most wigs. Has a thinner stretch material that molds to the shape of the head for a more secure fit.
  • Petite Cap Size: Front to back (12 1/8) Ear to ear (10 1/2) Circumference around the head (20”)
  • Petite/Average Cap: Around the head (21 1/4), Front to back (13 3/4), Ear to ear (13 1/4)