Amber Perkins - Fabricating Fringe

The many looks of Amber Perkins

We’re living in a new hair age, and it is time to embrace it! Wearing alternative hair can create dramatic changes to one’s appearance. The spectrum of hair worn today can be discreet or far from “natural.” More and more humans are opening the doors to conversations that were once so guarded and reclusive. In addition, clients themselves are becoming more and more transparent about their beauty routines and cosmetic procedures. With the help of hair industry advocates and social media influencers, our industry can shift in our approach to treating hair loss or hair frustrations. The Hair Society reached out to one such individual, paving the way for change and bringing alternative hair wearing to the forefront of the conversation.

Amber Perkins is a mother of five who loves helping others through her social media platforms. Amber is an inspiring hair-wearing influencer who advocates and spreads awareness about hair options to those struggling with hair loss or just wanting to switch up their look. She has been connected to the hair world for 21 years and provides genuine insight into hair-wearing through her videos.

“I used to create my own hair additions and extensions of all kinds in the early 2000s.”

Before studying hair, Amber has always loved using hair as a creative outlet. She is passionate about the transformative aspect of hair. At the beginning of Amber’s hair-wearing journey, she described it as a secretive time.

“I was at a loss for my hair, and hats became a comfort.”

Amber Perkins - Fabricating Fringe

Amber Perkins – Fabricating Fringe

Often, wearing alternative hair is considered taboo, and people try to conceal it from friends and family. Everyone’s journey is different, but the distress of uncontrollable change to one’s appearance can do similar damage. Today’s hair advocates are working hard to break the shame and stigma that so many clients experience in the hair world. We all must stir up conversation on hair-wearing options.

Amber’s message to salons would be for everyone to gain more insight into alternative hair options. When she started noticing her hair was thinning and found the courage to reach out for help, it seemed like the stylist was afraid and didn’t know what steps to take. Salons must gain insight to serve clients better. At the bare minimum, a hair professional must have a hair restoration reference in their back pocket. If we don’t have advice on hair thinning, we must refer our clients to someone who does. We need to show investment in the client and shine a positive light on the issue. Hair loss or thinning should never back a client into a corner. We have many restorative or concealing options, but many options require specialized care.

Amber Perkins - Fabricating Fringe Beauty & Hair Influencer

It is common to hear about celebrities or public figures wearing extensions or wigs to change their appearance. While hair is not a “one size fits all,” tailored alternatives are available to most individuals. Amber describes being frustrated with her thin, fine hair back in her teen years. So many people, like Amber, have a desire to achieve styles that are challenging if you don’t have a specific hair texture or volume.

Hair impacts daily life for most. Through the years of life-changing moments such as motherhood and weight loss, Amber found herself experiencing telogen effluvium or excessive hair loss. The emotional journey of hair loss can be similar to losing a limb. However, many people can find a new sense of identity through hair transformation. In addition, wearing hair will soothe hair loss distress by boosting self-confidence daily.

“You are not alone. Being open about my hair helped me embrace who I am.”

Fabricating Fringe - Featuring Amber PerkinsWhen she started talking about her journey on Instagram, her following exploded! You can find Amber’s social media platforms by searching “Fabricating Fringe.” She does an excellent job spotlighting hairpieces that can be blended with biologic hair or some with full coverage. Her youtube account provides tutorials on wearing alternative hair. Amber’s content is raw and honest. She often removes hairpieces on camera and proudly reveals her current biologic hair, so her viewers can see the full transformative nature of the hair. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss or struggling to achieve hair goals, know you are not alone! You have options. Achieving a full head of hair is not an impossible feat but can require professional assistance in identifying the cause for concern and applying the best-suited strategy.

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The many looks of beauty and hair influencer Amber Perkins.