DeAnna Graham & CEO of Jack Winn Color

DeAnna Graham & CEO of Jack Winn Color

DeAnna Graham is a Hair Designer at Studio 509 and is a Jack Winn Color Associate out of Fredrick, Maryland. She has been working in the hair industry for 25 years and has experience working in various salon settings. The Hair Society reached out to her for her outlook on 2022 possibilities.

“2019 was the best year I had.”

Before covid, the 2019 hair industry was booming. Then in 2020, you see pandemic regulations changing the way we operate within our workspaces. As we pushed through 2021, salons began to engage with clients differently and catered to individual needs. Finally, here we are in 2022, and it is safe to say the ease of making clients feel comfortable has been thrown out the window. But that doesn’t mean people don’t want to embrace the feeling of beauty through their hair.

“There’s just been a shift.”

DeAnna GrahamWe are seeing a client shuffle and a shift where clients can get their haircare done. A few salons are now closed, and their experienced hair leaders have moved away or retired early.

While a handful of regulars may never return, some clients desperately try to find a “normal” hair care routine. These significant changes have opened up opportunities for new stylists or current stylists to gain clients. Stay hopeful, hair leaders. Your time for positive growth is now. DeAnna noted that several urban areas nearby are still flourishing and bringing more people into her community. Where there are people, there’s hair. If your business remains visible to today’s audience, you’re most likely seeing a steady trickle of new clientele.

“Do what you have to to stay flexible and open.”

DeAnna took advantage of half-priced educational opportunities when the pandemic made everything virtual. As a result, she acquired skills in tie-in extension installation. Extensions are trending as the stigma of wearing hair is evolving. Expanding your hairstyling techniques could boost your business and collect potential clients with trending services. While growing your services or products, your hair business may also need to reflect on the vibe your space is projecting. 

“Clients seem to have forgotten what it is like to walk into a salon comfortably and to walk out feeling good.”

DeAnna Graham

DeAnna Graham

DeAnna sees the possibility of bringing the refreshed “salon feel” back in 2022. She is hopeful for all stylists out there pushing through. DeAnna contributes most of her progression amidst the pandemic and inspiration from her product sales team. She attended a Jack Winn retreat in Dallas and described it as a great way to recharge. This retreat was a fun getaway for hundreds of hair professionals to revive hair’s creative spirit and fellowship. The element of a support system is essential. Whether you are staying connected through a product brand or social media networking, remember to keep the lines of communication open. We must support and motivate each other as we tackle 2022.

“If we can make it through 2020, we can make it through anything.”

Stylists, new and old, should jump into the new year confidently and start making big waves. The prospects are out there for the taking. Hair professionals by no means have it easy, but up-to-date knowledge and a hunger to succeed can take you far in this industry. Be sure to reflect on your workspace. Is it offering a spa getaway feel? How can we make it easier for our team to provide client comfort? Stylists today must find their groove and get into the 2022 hustle.

Here is just a sample of some of the amazing before and after work from DeAnna Graham.