The Power of Continuing Education in Hair Replacement

In the rapidly evolving field of hair replacement, staying current with the latest techniques, products, and industry trends is essential for professionals who want to remain competitive and offer exceptional services to their clients. For those who already specialize in hair replacement, and even more so for those considering adding hair replacement to their service offerings, continuing education is crucial. In this article, we will discuss the importance of ongoing education in the hair replacement industry and how it can benefit both your business and your clients.

Hair Replacement YouTube Tutorials: A DIY Disaster

By:  Shea Lenniger, Contributing Writer and: Richard Garner, Editor in Chief [...]

Give Your Business a Future

In our last posting, we discussed the origins of Hair Visions International’s My Hair My Way campaign. With online competition, the baby boomer exodus, a lack of trust among young people, and new brands of questionable worth appearing all the time, the industry has been in desperate need of new messaging.

One on One with Howard Margolin

One on One with Hair Margolin, in 1994 Professional Hair Labs™ was conceived and was founded by Howard Margolin, President, and Chief Executive Officer.


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