Next Big Thing

The future is almost here and it’s exciting! The following are three of the upcoming potential hair loss treatments for the near future that are still in the clinical trial phase of testing.


Invented by Doctor Carlos Wesley, this new device doesn’t leave scars when doing FUE’s (Folicular Unit Extraction). It has also caused donor hair to regenerate (when removing a hair, one grows back in it’s place!!). This is currently still in the trial stages and is expected to be ready sometime this year.


HSC : Hair Stimulating Complex is a soluable formula developed as an injectable for hair regrowth. This is produced via neonatal stem cells and has already passed it’s phase one clinical trial safety phase successfully.
BIMATOPROST (Phase 2 Stage)

The Allergan clinical trials for Bimatoprost for use in scalp hair loss should be completed in January of 2015 and the results announced shortly thereafter. This is a synthetic prostamide analog being tested for hair loss in humans. It is currently being used for eyelash regrowth and is under the name Latisse.

The above mentioned treatments are an exciting step forward for the hair restoration industry and for all those suffering from various forms of hair loss. The Hair Society will keep you updated on the progress of these treatments and the results of their clinical trials and when and if they receive final approval by the government.