Summer is just a couple of weeks away and you want a new look that will show off your style. We’ve gathered our favorite summer hairstyles to make your hair look great on every occasion. Here are the hottest hairstyles of the season:

Beachy Waves

Beachy WavesTo get beachy waves, you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Use a curling iron to create loose curls. If you’re using a flat iron, take small sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel; if you’re using a wand, wrap each section of hair around the barrel in order to create an S-shape. The goal is for your curls to be as big as possible!
  • Use a beach spray or sea salt spray on dry hair before braiding it (or just in general). This will give you that salty-beachy look and smell without needing to actually go swimming with dolphins at the beach.
  • Texture sprays can also help achieve that texture—you might want to try spraying it all over your head or focusing only on certain pieces so they don’t get too uniform in their “texture” (which would be boring). You can also use a hair dryer and brush together with your fingers if it’s hard for you to part your hair evenly enough when brushing straight down from root tip; this should give enough lift at the roots while still allowing some movement when worn down naturally without any styling products added during washing/styling sessions throughout weekdays/weekends respectively.”


BraidsBraids are the perfect look for people who want to change up their style but don’t want a drastic change. Braids can be done on long or short hair, and they come in all sorts of styles:

  • French braids 
  • Fishtail braids 
  • Box braids 
  • Dutch braids

Bobs are back!

Bob Hair CutBobs have been making a comeback for some time now, and we’re happy about it.

A classic haircut that suits any face shape, bob haircuts are versatile, flattering and stylish. They can be cut in a variety of lengths and styles—from long and sleek to short and sassy—and they look great with many different types of hair textures.

Bob styles are also super-easy to style. Depending on how much length you want in front or how much volume you prefer at the crown, you can choose from dozens of different variations on this classic cut that work with all ages and all gender identities while still being perfectly suited to summer months (or even winter if you want).

Pixie Cut

Pixie CutA pixie cut is a short, textured haircut in which the hair is typically no longer than a number 2 clipper guard. The style was popularized by Mia Farrow and Twiggy in the 1960s and ’70s, but has since become ubiquitous on women who want to show off their face shape or facial features by minimizing length around their face.

A pixie cut adds texture and volume to fine hair types because it’s shorter than other cuts that are considered “shoulder-length” or “long.” This style can be great for adding volume to thinning locks, too—what you lose on top is more than made up for with the new growth that will spring forth once you’ve chopped off your split ends!


Balayage Hair StyleBalayage is a French word meaning “painting,” which is exactly what this technique does to your hair. It’s a more natural way to highlight your hair, as it mimics the look of sun-kissed strands. Balayage is also known as freehand highlighting, hand painted highlights or hand painted color.

This type of highlighting uses two different colored pigments—one darker shade and one lighter

shade—to create soft, gradient effects in your hair that are more natural than traditional foiled highlights. The colorist will apply the darker pigment first and then blend it with the lighter pigment to create dimension in your base color.

The result: soft hues that look like they’ve been sun-kissed by Mother Nature herself!

These summer hairstyles will impress and inspire.

Summer is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle. The long days, warm weather, and relaxed atmosphere make it easy to be bold with your look. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular summer styles for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for something simple or are ready to take your hair game up a notch.

This season’s biggest trend is bobs—and it makes sense. They’re fun and flirty, yet still professional enough for work (when paired with appropriate accessories). If you’re considering going shorter this summer but don’t know where to start, check out our guide on how to get your first haircut!


This summer, we’re all about looking our best as the mercury rises. The hair trends of this season are destined to give your locks a lift and enhance your natural beauty. From balayage to bobs, we’ve got you covered with these five hairstyles that will make you look and feel fierce!