Surviving in a Post-Pandemic Economy with High Inflation: A Focus on the Hair and Hair Loss Industry

The aftermath of the pandemic has drastically affected industries worldwide, with soaring inflation rates that have shaken the economic foundations. The hair industry, encompassing beauty salons, hair product manufacturers, and the hair loss sector, hasn't been immune. Yet, with every challenge arises an opportunity. Here's a roadmap to not just survive, but thrive in these unprecedented times.

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Op-Ed: A Wave We Can’t Brush Off — How COVID-19’s Resurgence Threatens the Hair Industry… Again

Just when we thought we could breathe a little easier, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head once more. With new variants, vaccine hesitancy, and the perpetual cycle of opening and closing, the specter of disruption looms large — this time with vengeance. Businesses, municipalities, and even states are reinstating mask mandates and reconsidering work-from-home orders. While this has obvious implications for some industries, there's one that is continually overlooked yet significantly impacted: the hair industry.

How detrimental has the COVID-19 pandemic been to theNatural Hair, and Hair Replacement Industries?

Ever since March of 2020, many businesses have taken a [...]

Masks Are Back: Is Your Salon Next?

Regardless of your stance on masks or vaccines, here is what salon owners need to know. With the covid-19 vaccine available to the public, many cities lifted their mandatory mask policies months ago. As a result, many cities are no longer required to wear a mask during familiar summer activities such as vacationing, wedding celebrations, and taking the kids to get "back to school" haircuts.

Covid-19 Impacts on the Hair Industry

I think it is safe to say that we all were greatly impacted by Covid-19, but businesses were hit even harder. Covid-19 started affecting us all in March of 2020, and for many, life has seemed to return to normal; we don't need to wear masks everywhere we go, we can get our hair and nails done, and we can even go out to clubs and bars again.

How To End 2020

It's safe to say that we are all beyond ready to finish the 2020 year. This year has brought new challenges and overwhelming changes. Soon, we will all close the door in 2020 and welcome the new year of 2021. What does that mean for your hair business? What does that mean for our industry?


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