Monat Global’s Legal Actions: Protecting Reputation or Silencing Criticism?

In the world of beauty and personal care, few things are as precious as reputation. Monat Global, a prominent player in the hair care industry, understands this all too well. However, their recent legal actions against a former sales representative raise questions about the balance between safeguarding reputation and stifling dissent.

Op-Ed: A Wave We Can’t Brush Off — How COVID-19’s Resurgence Threatens the Hair Industry… Again

Just when we thought we could breathe a little easier, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head once more. With new variants, vaccine hesitancy, and the perpetual cycle of opening and closing, the specter of disruption looms large — this time with vengeance. Businesses, municipalities, and even states are reinstating mask mandates and reconsidering work-from-home orders. While this has obvious implications for some industries, there's one that is continually overlooked yet significantly impacted: the hair industry.


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